Plant factory production and research support

Employment status Intern (some names)
Job Description [Correct] Plant factory management work

<<Details>> Production and harvesting work at a vegetable cultivation plant
Period No employment period
Salary Hourly wage over 1,000 yen
Treatment Transportation expenses paid (up to 10,000 yen a month)
Qualification / experience Age: Up to 39 years old
License: Normal car license (Automatic only)
Experience: Production management work, team management

Treatment: Factory operation experience, hygiene and quality control at food factory, farm work, various ISO acquisition of factory (9001, 14001 etc.) )、Acquisition of GGAP or JGAP
【Personality required】
Those who can manage human relationships smoothly by paying attention to the trends of factory employees.
Those who can work together to improve problems.
Those who are sensitive to small changes in the environment of vegetable cultivation and can avoid risks.
Working hours [Rough guide] 8:30 to 17:30 (7.5 hours actual work)
Holiday / Vacation 2 days a week
Work location Tokyo
Domitory / company housing None
Application method Please attach your photo resume and work resume and contact us at the email address below.
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